No. 1, 2015

Basyanovo archaeological site of the Late Neolithic period: the argument for identification
Shorin A.F., Vilisov Ye.V., Shorina A.A.

Chapes with a bird’s head image from the sites of early Iron Age in Central Caucasus and their analogues in Scythian-Siberian animalistic style
Volnaya G.N.

Mineralogical and geochemical indicators of gold sources for production of ancient jewelry (on the example of Ural)
Zaikov V.V., Zaikova Ye.V.

Privileged female burial from the settlement Mukhino 2 of the Huns Age on Upper Don: a bioarchaeological reconstruction
Dobrovolskaya M.V., Zemtsov G.L., Mastykova A.V., Mednikova M.B.

Socio-cultural aspects of the warriors’ burials examination with knives-draggers in the Sambian-Natangian area culture
Prasolov Ya.V.

Main line of defense works of Rostislavl’-Ryazansky
Koval V.Yu.

What is et the Under burial ground raw fences of the 13th–14th cc. in Nizhny Povolzhje
Zilivinskaya E.D.


On one type of early Sarmatian incense cups
Skripkin A.S.

Alans burial of the Migration Period on Middle Don
Berezutsky V.D., Medvedev A.P.

The belts of the Altai nomads decorated with plates of the Migration Period from the site Stepushka 1
Tishkin A.A., Matrionin S.S., Kungurov A.L.

Archaeological and paleoanthropological researches on Dan’slavl’ street in Veliky Novgorod
Yevteev A.A., Oleinikov O.M.


New Paleolithic finds from Southern Ural
Mosin V.S., Shirokov V.N.

Wood in filling of grave pits of the barrow Ksirov
Denisov Ye.P.

Epitaph to Batyr-Girei-ogly from Taman archaeological museam
Zaitsev I.V., Chkhaidze V.N.

Tiles from the cultural layer of Moscow: first finds and first collections
Baranova S.I.

Critics and bibliography

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Bagaev M.Kh., Albegova Z.Kh., Korobov D.S., Leonova Ye.V., Malashev V.Yu., Skakov A.Yu.

On the memory of Irma Fantinovna Totskaya
Arkhipova Ye.I.