Anatoly S. Skripkin

Volgograd State University (

Keywords: an incense cup, the early Sarmatian culture, the late Sarmatian culture, the Central Asian analogues.


The article is devoted to a rare type of cubic shape incense cups in burial sites of the early Sarmatian culture. In Volga-Don region there are only three cases of finding incense cups of a cubic shape in the early Sarmatian burials of the 2nd – 1st centuries BC. This type of incense cups is known widely in later period in the late Sarmatian culture burials beginning with the middle of the 2nd century AD. The context of the finds of the early Sarmatian period seems to indicate that migrations of nomads into the steppes of the Volga-Don region in the early and late Sarmatian period had practically the same territory as their starting point.