Svetlana I. Baranova
The Moscow State Integrated Art and Historical Architectural and Natural Landscape Museum-Reserve (
Keywords: tiles, archaeology of Moscow, Goncharnaya sloboda, A.V. Filippov.
The article presents the history of tiles’ collection found in Moscow cultural layer during the construction works of the second half of the 19th−20th cc. including Zayauzje where according to writing sources the pottery production was concentrated. Excerpts, referring to the works of 1938 in Goncharny Lane, from the archive of a historian of the pottery production, an engineer and an artist, A.V. Filippov, are being published. First archaeological evidences of a pottery workshop of the 17th c. were found during the constructions. The find encouraged the systematic excavations in Goncharnaya sloboda provided drastic movement in studying Russian and Moscow tile.