Imitative and symbolic activity: new materials and research methods (50th anniversary of E.G. Devlet)

Radiocarbon dates of Upper Paleolithic layers of Kapova cave (the Southern Urals)
Zhitenev V.S., Pakhunov A.S., Margarian A., Soldatova T.E.

Petroglyphs in the lower reaches of Vyg river: questions of chronology and periodization
Lobanova N.V.

Dolmens near stanitsa Tsarskaya: red pigments as the product of production and consumption
Trifonov V.A., Shishlina N.I., Kalinin P.I., Alekseev A.O., Bogomolov E.S.

Cultural-historical context of archaeological complex of Gobustan
Faradjova M.N.

Cultural influences in Central Asia and adfacent territories at the turn of the 1st–2nd millennia AD (on the materials of small toreutics)
Korol G.G.

Novgorod Velikiy in Ancient Rus context (60th anniversary of P.G. Gaidukov)

Metal cases of the glass mirrors: production technique and chemical composition of alloys
Eniosova N.V., Rybina I.А.

Amulets from the Yaryshev street manors of the Troitskiy excavation site
Pokrovskaia L.V., Tianina E.A.

Townsplot G at the Fyodorovskiy excavation site at the end of the 11th – the first half of the 12th c.
Dubrovin G.E., Tarabardina O.A.

The wall of southern apse of the Panteleimon Monastery and the choir screen of the side-altar of the Novgorod temples of the 12th c.
Sedov Vl.V.

Early construction of Liudin and Nerevskiy konets of medieval Novgorod (on the materials of Nerevskiy and Troitskiy excavation sites)
Faradzheva N.N.

Medieval Rus: archaeology, history, culture (70th anniversary of А.V. Chernetsov)

To the problem of the pictorial motifs in Slavic paganism
Petrukhin V.Ya.

Graffiti from the Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin on the Nerl River
Medyntseva A.A.

Import glass vessels from the excavation sites in Vladimir in 2007
Kuzina I.N.

Ryazan high plains: dynamics and the character of colonization in 12–15 cc.
Strikalov I.Yu.

Some archaeological facts from the time of the Baty-Khan invasion
Ivanchenko L.I., Motsia A.P.

Who was the owner of the silver bowl from the fortified settlement Mikulino, “the Prince George the Great” or “kniaz Velikii Georgii”?
Turilov A.A.

Cult sites of Rostislavl Ryazanskiy in the context of Christian antiquities of Ryazan land
Koval V.Yu.

The seal of Patriarch Athanasius of Constantinople from the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Saviour in Pereslavl-Zaleskiy
Makarov N.А., Gaidukov P.G., Sedov Vl.V., Bejlekchi V.V.


The anniversary of Ekaterina Georgievna Devlet
Miklashevich I.A., The editorial board of the journal “Russian Archaeology”

60th anniversary of Piotr Grigorievich Gaidukov
The Institute of Archaeology RAS personnel. The editorial board of the journal “Russian Archaeology”

The anniversary of Aleksei Vladimirovich Chernetsov
Petrukhin V.I., Turilov A.A., Strikalov I.Yu.