Number 2, 2014

Balkan-Carpathian variant of the Yamnaya culture-historical region
Ivanova S.V.

Seasonal husbandry cycle of the population of the Sintashta culture of the Southern Trans-Urals
Bachura O.P.

The equipment of an early Sarmatian elite warrior (on the materials from Filippovka burials)
Yablonskiy L.T.

The nutrition of the tradition-bearers of the Saltovo-Mayaki archaeological culture in the Don-Donetsk interfluve area based on the isotopic analysis data
Dobrovolskaya M.V., Reshetova I.K.

The structure and internal relations of the peripheries of the Golden Horde cities of the Lower Volga region
Nedashkovskiy L.F.

Animal carcasses in Mongolian graves of the 13th–14th cc. in the burial Okoshki 1 (the South-East Trans-Baikal)
Kharinsky A.V., Nomokonova T.Y., Kovychev E.V., Kradin N.N.

An absolute generalized tree-ring chronology of the Sheksna and Sukhona river basins (1085–2009)
Karpukhin A.A., Matskovskiy V.V.


New Chalcolithic sites on the territory of Nakhchivan
Bahshaliev V.B.

The fifth century B.C. barrow, near the village Tur’ia, on the right-bank, forest-steppe region of Dnieper
Mogylov A.D., Didenko S.V.

The glass goblet with the scene of a gladiators’ battle from the nomadic burial of the barrow Lebedevka V (the Western Kazakhstan)
Moshkova M.G., Treister M.Y.

New finds of the champleve enamel set in the Middle Don region
Berezutskiy V.D., Zolotarev P.M.

New barrows of Mayaki ancient settlement
Sarapulkin V.A.

Interethnic contacts in early Middle Ages in Upper Niemen region
Vityaz S.P.

Korallenberge (Chvoinoye). Stratigraphy and chronology of the early middle-ages settlement in Kaliningrad region
Kulakov V.I.

The hoard № 17 from Staraya Ryazan
Strikalov I.Y., Chernetsov A.V.

The results of the tree-ring dating of the Stadukhino prison
Zharnikov Z.Y., Vizgalov G.P., Knyazeva E.V., Konovalenko M.V., Myglan V.S.

Critics and Bibliography

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In Memory of Yu.M. Lesman
Beletskiy S.V., Gaidukov P.G.

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