No. 3, 2014

The first monument of the early period of the Upper Paleolithic in the Upper Desna region
Gavrilov K.N., Voskresenskaya E.V.

Technological ceramics analysis of the Eneolithic settlement Botai in Kazakhstan (on the materials of the excavations in 2011)
Kachanovskaya M.G., Rakhimzhanova S. Zh.

The Fedorovo culture ceramics of the settlement Kuria 1 in the Lower Tobol region
Ilushina V.V.

The classification of the seven-bladed ornaments of the temple rings of a Moscow type and the problem of their ethnic interpretation
Krenke N.A.

A cathedral on a plough: cultural layer and plough horizon under the church of Boris and Gleb in Kideksha
Makarov N.A., Shpolyanskiy S.V., Dolgikh A.V., Aleshinskaya A.S., Lebedeva E.Y.

New materials about researching rock art

On the question of the techno-technological peculiarities of Pegtymel petroglyphs
Devlet E.G.

Paint in rock art of the Okunev culture of the Minusinsk basin
Esin Y.N., Magay Zh., Russelier E., Valter Ph.

Technological peculiarities of carving petroglyphs of the Minusinsk basin
Zotkina L.V.

About the chronology and periodization of the rock carvings of the Lake Onega
Lobanova N.V.

The meseumification of the rock art monuments in the Republic of Khakassia
Miklashevich E.A.


Hellenistic graves of the Eastern necropolis of Phanagoria (excavations of 2005–2007)
Medvedev A.P.

The site Alexandrov mountain – the archaeological monument of the 5th BC – 17th AD
Komarov K.I.

White-stone emblems on the Borovitskaya tower of the Moscow Kremlin: the results of the preliminary examination
Petrov D.A., Yakovlev D.E.

History of science

The problem in classification of the Scythian-Siberian animalistic style presentation (historiographical review)
Kantorovich A. R.

Critics and bibliography

The successes of the interdisciplinary researches of the last years in archaeology and sciences: the review of the conference papers
Kuzmin Y. V.

A. A. Ierusalimskaya. The Relics Beam. An unusual archaeological monument on the Northern Caucasus silk way. SPb, 2012
Kovalevskaya V. B., Pogrebova M.N.

The archaeology of the Ancient Russian donator’s image: to the issuing of the book A. S. Preobrazhenskiy “Ktitor portraits of the Middle Age Rus. 11th – the beginning of the 16th centuries”. M., 2010 (2012)
Schavelev A.S.


Round table “Ethnicity in archaeology or archaeology of ethnicity?”
Yablonskiy L.T.

The International science conference “The Heritage of the Western Turkic Kaganate in the context of the world civilization development” (Astana, 2013)
Dosymbaeva A.M., Botalov S.G.

The International science seminar «Early state formation and “princely” culture in Northern Caucasus at the end of the Antiquity – the beginning of the Middle Age» (Makhachkala, 13–17 November 2013)
Gadzhiev M.S., Mastykova A.V.

On the anniversary of Marina Glebovna Moshkova
The members of the Scythian-Sarmatian archaeology department

On the 75th anniversary of Anatoliy Dmitrievich Pryakhin
Tropin N.A.

On the 100th anniversary of Boris Alexandrovich Kolchin
Gaydukov P.G., Zavyalov V.Y.