Alexander F. Shorin, Evgenii V. Vilisov

The Institute of history and archaeology of the Ural Department RAS, Ekaterinburg (

Key words: the Neolithic, Middle Transurals, sanctuary of the Koksharovskii hill, Iurinskoye settlement, stone goods, cult practice.

The article analyzes the mass stone gods of the Neolithic sanctuary of Koksharovskii hill on the Middle Transurals. Using the statistic approach of comparing different categories of such goods with Iurinskii population of the same period as the sanctuary in the centre of which there is the Koksharovskii hill, and also with the stone goods of the Neolithic settlement sites of Transurals the types which could have taken part in cult rituals taken place in the sanctuary have been distinguished. Among them are cores, arrowheads, whole examples of broad bases without reworking, abrasives and also small part of objects which could be identified as cult ones based on the morphological analysis. Such as a macehead’s knob, fissile knife with ornitomorphical knob, talc pivots with notches.