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History of Science

To the 120th anniversary of Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Iessen
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Review of Books

The Slavs on the Danube. The acquisition of the Homeland. Kishinev, 2015
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Current news

The 20th Urals Archaeological Conference. Izhevsk, 25–29 October 2016
Vybornov A.A., Zdanovich G.B., Kuzminykh S.V., Leshchinskaya N.A., Melnikova O.M., Rudenko K.A., Chairkina N.M., Chernykh E.M., Yutina T.K.

New palaeoecological studies in the sciences of the past
Matveeva N.P., Ryabogina N.E.

The Ananyino World: Cultural Space, Relations, Traditions and Innovations. Bolgar, 2016
Kuzminykh S.V., Chizhevskiy A.A.

To Andrey Mikhaylovich Oblomskiy’s jubilee
Gavritukhin I.O., Vorontsov A.M., Radyush O.A.