Рыбина_рисElena A. Rybina

V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

E-mail: rybina.elena1@gmail.com

Keywords: Novgorod, Troitsky excavation site, lead seals, matrix, Fyodor Oksentiev.

The sphragistic collection of Novgorod has more than 3000 seals, mostly coming from surface finds; over 250 have been found during excavations in Novgorod. Along with reliably attributed bullae, there are cases when the owner cannot be determined despite the fact that such a type of seals is well known. One of these types represents seals with the inscription on one side and the image of a saint on the other. This note considers three seals of Fyodor Oksentyev, found in Troitsky excavation site XVI on the territory of one estate. One side of these seals bears the inscription: Fyodor Oksentyev, the other – the image of St. Theodore Stratelates. So far, such seals have not been known and their owner’s name has not been recorded in written sources.

DOI: 10.31857/S086960630003396-4