Жущиховская_1Irina S. Zhushchikhovskaya1, *, Evgeny Yu. Nikitin2, **
1Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography of the Peoples of the Far East, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vladivostok, Russia
2Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Russia
* E-mail: irina1zh@mail.ru
** E-mail: urgen55@yandex.ru

Keywords: ceramics, technology, morphology, pottery tradition, Southern Primorye, the Paleometal Age.

The article presents the results of studying the Yankovskaya culture materials (10th-9th–3rd-2nd centuries BC) of the Paleometal Age in the Southern Primorye. For the first time for the sites of this culture, a combination of different pottery traditions in the same ceramic complex – the dominant Yankovskaya and the second, presumably connected with the sites of the Early Paleometal, i.e. the period when the first bronze appeared in Primorye (the turn of the 2nd and 1st – the middle of the 1st millennium BC). A certain similarity in terms of chronological and regional attribution can be traced for these traditions. The differences relate to a number of technological and morphological features that reflect the cultural specifics of pottery. There is evidence not only of coexistence, but also syncretism of traditions. This phenomenon noted in the sites of the northern part of the Ussuri Bay, is local in nature and probably indicates contacts between carriers of different cultures of the Paleometal Age in the south of the Far East.