Панкратова_1E.G. Pankratova (Zastrozhnova)
St. Petersburg Branch of the Archive of the RAS
E-mail: pankratova0484@yandex.ru

Keywords: repression, archaeological expedition, ideological control, science, ancient centers of the North Coast of the Black Sea.


The beginning of the 1930s in the history of Russian archeology was marked by the strengthening of ideological control in science and repressions of the scientific staff of Leningrad institutions on “Academic Сourt case” (1929–1930). One of the many innocent convicts was specialist in Scythian culture, researcher of the Hermitage and the State Academy of History of Material Culture, Grigorij Borovka. On the basis of previously inaccessible materials from the Archives of the Federal Security was restored the investigative process for the imposition of G. Borovka charges of espionage and his conviction for 10 years in labor camps. In addition, a whole complex of archival documents is introduced into scientific circulation, revealing the details of the organization of archaeological expeditions to the Kerch and Taman Peninsula in the late 1920s–1930s.