Single-grave biritual burials of the Fedorovo culture carriers of the Bronze Age
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To the issue of spreading technological knowledge in iron working
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On the problem of dating of iron age sepulchres in Armenia
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On the origin of Rus churches with rectangular altar apse
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Added metals in non-ferrous metallurgy of Perm Cis-Urals: commodity form and possible sources of incoming
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Geophysical Methods in Archaeology

Magnetometry in archaeology – from theory to practice
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Complex geophysics in regional archaeological research (experience of studying medieval Finno-Ugric settlements of the Cheptsa river region)
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Complex geophysical research on one section of a Bulgarian fortified settlement
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History of Science

The Institute for the History of Material Culture in Moscow, 1943–1945
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New petroglyphs of Sikachi-Alyan
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Byzantine Monastery and Consular House in Jerusalem (based on the results of the excavation of 2018)
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Craftsmen’s outskirts of ancient Smolensk
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