To the 70th anniversary of Kh.А. Amirkhanov

Khizri Amirkhanovich Amirkhanov: a life in archaeology
Vasilyev S.A.

Stone tool inventory of the Oldowan station Muhkai II, Layer 80 (Northeastern Caucasus)
Ozherelyev D.V.

Paleolythic dwellings of Anosovka-Mezin type: construction features and the issue of interpretation
Khlopachev G.A., Gavrilov K.N.

The Neolithic of the North Caucasus revisited
Leonova E.V.


Cremation rite among Andronovo (Fedorovo) population: semantic aspect
Kukushkin I.A.

The cultural and chronological horizon of ornaments with enamels in the Upper Don region
Oblomsky A.M., Saprykina I.A.

Birituality in the “Vyatich” funeral rite: paradoxes of the Kremenye cemetery
Syrovatko A.S., Svirkina N.G., Kleshchenko E.A.

History of Science

To the anniversary of the Institute Of Archaeology RAS: Moscow Division of the Russian Academy for the History of Material Culture – the State Institute for the History of Material Culture, Moscow Branch of the State Institute for the History of Material Culture – the Institute for the History of Material Culture
Belozerova I.V., Gaydukov P.G., Kuzminykh S.V.

Mukhino mounds: The 1913 excavations of Slavic sites in Kursk area of the Seym region by A.V. Filippov
Baranova S.I.


New petroglyphs of the Sheremetyevo complex on the river Ussuri
Laskin A.R., Devlet E.G., Devlet M.A., Svoyskiy Yu.M., Romanenko E.V.

Dark-glossed gray clay pottery from the Polyanka settlement in the Eastern Crimea
Maslennikov A.A.

Glass from the 2017 and 2019 excavations in the Russian museum and park complex in Jericho
Golofast L.A.

Byzantine vessel from Veliky Novgorod
Koval V.Yu.

An icon-pendant with the image of St. Nestor of Thessaloniki from Suzdal Opolye
Makarov N.A., Zaitseva I.E.

Archaeology of the Novodevichy Convent in Moscow: preliminary results
Belyaev L.A., Glazunova O.N., Grigoryan S.B., Elkina I.I., Shulyaev S.G.

Review of Books

Avilova L.I. Anatolian hoards of metal items: studies in metal production and cultural context. M .: IA RAS, 2018
Yarovoy E.V.

A new book on Sarmatian studies. A.S. Skripkin “Sarmatians”. Volgograd: Publishing House of VolSU, 2017
Medvedev A.P.


The Fourth International Conference “Archaeology and Geoinformatics” (Moscow, 2019)
Korobov D.S.

International Conference “Phenomena of Eneolithic Cultures – the Early Bronze Age of steppe and forest-steppe zones of Eurasia: Ways of cultural interaction in the 5th–3rd millennia BC”. Orenburg, April 16-19, 2019
Morgunova N.L.

To the 90th anniversary of Anatoly Nikolaevich Kirpichnikov
Lapshin V.A.