GolofastLarisa A. Golofast
Institute of Archaeology R AS, Moscow, Russia
E-mail: larisa_golofast@mail.ru
Keywords: Jericho, glass, Late Byzantine period, Umayyad period, Mamluk period.

The article presents glass finds from the 2017 and 2019 excavations on the Russian land lot in Jericho. The assemblage (84 fragments) comprises diverse assortment of vessels recovered mostly from the dated loci of the Umay yad and Mamluk periods. Most of vessels are free-blown and only some are mold-blown. Plain forms sometimes decorated with applied colored threads and pinched ornamentation represent Umayyad glass that continued traditions of the Byzantine period. Later the assortment changed: in fashion are marvered decoration, enameled and gilded vessels and glass bracelets. Publication of glass finds from Jericho is of interest for all glass researchers because glasswork of numerous Syro-Palestinian glass-making centres was widely distributed in the Mediterranean, Scandinavia and Rus.