The centenary anniversary of Russian academic archaeology: results of the year
From the Editor

Dendrochronological and radiocarbon dating of Eastern European OAK (1074–1306)
Karpukhin A.A., Khasanov B.F., Krenke N.A., Pevzner M.M., Solovyeva L.N.

Regularities in the spatial location of archaeological objects in Tomsk region
Zolnikov I.D., Nikulina A.V., Pavlenok K.K., Vybornov A.V., Postnov A.V., Bychkov D.A., Glushkova N.V.

The middle and far east: general and special of the two centres of pottery emergence
Tsetlin Y.B., Petrova N.Y.

The Kama flood plain: reconstruction of the natural habitat of ancient and medieval communities in the middle Сis-Urals
Zaretskaya N.E., Lychagina E.L., Lapteva E.G., Trofimova S.S., Chernov A.V.

Variability of the cultural layer properties of the bronze age settlement Ksizovo-1 in the forest-steppe Don region
Potapova A.V., Pinskoy V.N., Gak E.I., Kashirskaya N.N., Borisov A.V.

Chora of Bosporus in the 3rd–2nd centuries BC
Maslennikov A.A.

Female burials of the south-east Baltics of the 1st–8th centuries
Khomyakova O.A.

“Treasure-hunting” as a factor of destruction of modern age archaeological sites (the case of the Republic Bashkortostan)
Tuzbekov A.I.


Serny klyuch as a site of Abashevo “expedition” to the mountain forest zone of the Middle Urals
Borzunov V.A., Stefanov V.I., Beltikova G.V. , Kuzminykh S.V.

Antique winery from the excavations of the fortified settlement Taman 16
Zilivinskaya E.D., Maltseva N.S., Petrov P.A., Sokolov P.M.

Kalmaniemi 1 – a burial complex of the viking age in the northern Ladoga littoral
Belsky S.V., Shmelev K.V.

Knives, grips, sheaths from Pereyaslavl Ryazansky (based on materials of the Zhitny excavation site)
Zavyalov V.I.

The Resurrection Church of the Derevyanitsky Monastery of 1335
Antipov I.V., Bulkin V.A., Zherve A.V.

Review of Books

Western European authors of the 15th–17th centuries on Russia: materials for a bibliographic dictionary / Comp. by P.D. Malygin; ed. by P.G. Gaydukov. Moscow: IA RAS, 2018. 192 p.
Kurukin I.V.


The events of the centenary anniversary of academic archaeology in Russia
Vdovichenko M.V.

The XXI Ural Archaeological Meeting. Samara. October 8–12, 2018
Vybornov A.A., Zubov S.E., Kochkina A.F., Kuzminykh S.V., Myshkin V.N., Stashenkov D.A., Turetsky M.A.

The collapse of empires and the fate of European archaeology: Reflections over the Goslar Conference
Detlova E.V., Kovalev M.V., Kuzminykh S.V., Nagler A.O.

The International conference “Attila’s Europe? Structural transformation and strategies of success in the European Hun period” (Budapest, 2019)
Korobov D.S., Kulchar V.

Vladimir Danilovich Baran (9.09.1927–5.11.2019)
Gavritukhin I. O., Oblomsky A.M., Rodinkova V.E.