Зиливинская_01© 2020 г. Emma D. Zilivinskaya1,*, Nadezhda S. Maltseva2, Pavel A. Petrov2,**, Pavel M. Sokolov2,***

1N.N. Miklukho-Maklai Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology RAS, Moscow, Russia
2Engineering and Technical Centre for Special Works, St. Petersburg, Russia
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**E-mail: pavel_petrov@me.com
***E-mail: sokolov.pm@gmail.com

Keywords: salvage excavations, Temryuk district, Krasnodar Territory, settlement, antiquity, winery, pressing grounds, tanks.

In 2017, during the construction of approach roads to the Crimean bridge on the Taman Peninsula, excavations of the settlement Taman 16 were conducted. The site dates back to the first centuries AD, as well as the Middle Ages. The most interesting object at the excavation site is the winery of the antiquity period. The structure consisted of three pressing grounds and two storage tanks. On the side grounds, grapes were crushed with feet, while in the centre between them there was a press base. Opposite the middle part of the pressing ground, support stones for holding the press lever were found. The pressed must entered the tanks buried in the ground, whose walls are made of small stones and coated with lime mortar. The winery complex includes pits with traces of pithoi dug in them and a well. The structure had no stone walls, so it can be assumed an open winery. The investigated winery dates back to the 1st–2nd centuries AD. Similar structures are known both in the European and Asian parts of the Bosporus, for example, in Kepoi, Gorgippia, and Kerch.