Рис. 1_1Aleksandr A. Suprenkov1,*, Arseny M. Mikhailov2,**, Pavel G. Stolyarenko2,***, Marina A. Toporivskaya1,****, Natalia Yu. Trebukhina1,***** 

1Institute of Archaeology RAS, Moscow, Russia
2The East Crimean Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve, Kerch, Republic of Crimea, Russia

*E-mail: suprenkov@mail.ru
**E-mail: kobaphoe1@ya.ru
***E-mail: paul100@mail.ru
****E-mail: toporivskayamarina@gmail.com
*****E-mail: topolinapuhova@mail.ru

Keywords: Eastern Crimea, Uzunlar rampart, Bosporian gates, rescue excavations, chronology.

The article discusses the results of the authors’ activities on the Uzunlar rampart in 2016, during which the so-called Bosporan Gate was uncovered. This architectural and archaeological structure is a stone bridge over the Uzunlar ditch. The paper presents a chronologically ordered review of the found archaeological material with brief general historical references. Some groups of finds are published for the first time. The authors propose their view regarding the time of construction of the Uzunlar rampart and structures on the mound east of it in the 4th century BC, reconstruction of the fortification system in the second half of the 1st century BC, and later, at the turn of the 2nd–3rd centuries AD. Based on archaeological finds, the functioning of some of the structures is traced up to contemporary time.