КармановViktor N. Karmanov1,*, Tatiana Yu. Turkina1,**, Evgeny Yu. Girya2,***

1Institute of Language, Literature and History of the Komi Scientific Centre at the Ural Branch RAS, Syktyvkar, Russia
2Institute for the History of Material Culture RAS, St. Petersburg, Russia

*E-mail: vkarman@bk.ru
**E-mail: turkina.tania@yandex.ru
***E-mail: kostionki@yandex.ru

Keywords: Eneolithic, Pechora River, dwelling, flint workshop, flint figurines, arrowhead.

The article publishes materials from the Eneolithic flint workshop at the site of Martyushevskoye II. Based on the analysis of the revealed traces and residues the authors prove that there was a workshop operating in the sub-terrain dwelling. Its peculiarity is the production of flint figurines – moon-shaped pendants. At present, Martyshevskoe II is the only reliably proven location where symbolic images were manufactured in Eastern Europe – the main area of this phenomenon during the final stage of the Neolithic and the Eneolithic. These newly obtained data expand this area and provide researchers with new opportunities to study prehistoric culture. The available analogies make it possible to suggest attribution of the studied assemblage to sites of the Garino Eneolithic culture and date it by the second half of the 3rd – the first half of the 2nd millennium BC.

DOI: 10.31857/S086960630011480-7