Roman A. Mimokhod1,2

1Institute of Archaeology RAS, Moscow, Russia
2Institute of Physical, Chemical and Biological Problems of Soil Science RAS, Pushchino, Russia


Keywords: seated burials, final period of the Middle Bronze Age, Volga-Ural cultural group, Lola cultural circle, stratigraphy, radiocarbon dates.

The article identifies and analyzes a series of Bronze Age burials executed in the “seated” position or its imitation. They are located in the Volga-Urals and are unknown on the right bank of the Volga. Stratigraphic data, show ritual features and implements indicate that seated burials date from the final stage of the Middle Bronze Age and belong to the Volga-Ural cultural group of the post-Catacomb period, which is the northern periphery of the Lola cultural circle. The presence of grave goods of a post-cord-like appearance in one of the burials reflects the contacts of carriers of the post-catacomb and post-cord traditions. In the system of radiocarbon chronology, the Volga-Ural cultural group is dated to the 22–20 centuries cal. BC.

DOI: 10.31857/S086960630016285-2