Nikita I. Savelyev

Institute of Archaeology RAS, Moscow, Russia


Keywords: water supply systems, water supply, Golden Horde, Gulistan, Jericho.

The article discusses the results of the analysis of medieval irrigation systems in arid and semi-arid conditions in the south of Russia and in Israel. The author considered the hydraulic structures of the Tsarev fortified settlement, a large Golden Horde centre of the 14th century, and conducted a retrospective analysis of irrigation systems for the Jericho oasis employing traditional water supply systems – aqueducts. In addition, the paper publishes details of the water supply system of the early Islamic period based on the data from excavations in modern Jericho. Owing to the well-preserved microrelief at the Tsarev settlement, an extensive hydraulic engineering network of a large town was identified and described including dams, reservoirs, a system of water suppling irrigation and intra-town canals. In Jericho, during excavations on the territory of the Russian Museum and Park Complex, an elaborate water supply system of the Byzantine and early Islamic periods was recorded at the micro level of individual premises and structures.

DOI: 10.31857/S086960630014501-0