The history of the Producing Economy Development in Moscow Region and Neighbouring Territories: Review of Palaeobotanical and Archaeological Evidence (to the 50th anniversary of the book by Yu.A. Krasnov “Early farming and cattle breeding in the forest zone of Eastern Europe”. Moscow: Nauka, 1971)
E. G. Ershova, N. A. Krenke, M. B. Nosova

Genomics of ancient pathogens based on the case of Yersinia pestis in the historical context
I. L. Kuznetsova, T. V. Andreeva, A. B. Malyarchuk, S. S. Kunizheva, T. V. Tyazhelova, F. E. Gusev, D. Manakhov, M. V. Dobrovolskaya, E. I. Rogaev

Lithic inventory of the sanctuary on Koksharovsky hill in the Middle Trans-Urals (based on materials from the 1955, 1957 and 1960 excavations)
Y. B. Serikov

Comprehensive interdisciplinary studies of the Yamgort I multilayer settlement in the circumpolar region of West Siberia
O. S. Tupakhina, D. S. Tupakhin, R. A. Kolesnikov, L. N. Plekhanova

Metal objects in the rituals of the Bronze Age from Kazakhstan (based on materials from the Nurataldy I burial ground)
AD. Degtyareva, S. V. Kuzminykh, V. G. Loman, I. A. Kukushkin

Serny Klyuch – an early Iron Age fortified settlement in the upper reaches of the Ufa river
V. A. Borzunov

The “Pink” stone at the Russian orthodox ecclesiastical mission in Jericho: the history of its study and petrography
O. V.  Anikeeva, L. A. Beliaev

Coins from 2017, 2019–2020 excavations at Jericho
M. G. Abramzon, L. A. Beliaev, A. N. Voroshilov, E. Yu. Goncharov

Glass finger-rings of Bolgar (based on materials from CXCII, CLXXIX excavation sites of 2013–2017)
S. I. Valiulina

Archaeological and textual evidence interacting: realia of Peterhof in Novgorod
C. R. Saquires

To the 200th anniversary of the discovery of the first hoard in old ryazan

Old Ryazan: a contribution to the studies of jeweler’s craftsmanship
A. V. Chernetsov

The Isady hoard of 2021
I. Yu. Strikalov

Jewellery of the 1822 Old Ryazan hoard in the Western European context: a few remarks by an art historian
I. A. Sterligova

Jewellery from Old Ryazan in the collection of the state historical museum
S. A. Avdusina


Archaeological excavations at Kizkale settlement and its necropolis
V. B. Bakhshaliyev, L. Ristvet, H. Gopnik, Je. Swerida, S. Nugent, H. Lau

Cyprus dish from Sugdeja and material culture of Taurica of the second half of the XIII century
V. V. Maiko


V. Koledinsky. Upper Castle of Vitebsk (IX–XVIII centuries) (Grodno: YurSaPrint, 2021)
P.G. Gaydukov, V.Yu. Koval, N.V. Lopatin


14th International Conference “Archaeological prospection” (Lion, 2021)

7th International Scientific Conference “Russian Culture in Archaeological Researches: Archaeology of the North of Russia”
L.V. Tataurova, G.P. Vizgalov, O.V. Kardash, A.V. Kenig, V.V. Gayevskaya, K.O. Sopova