Igor Yu. Strikalova,#

СтрикаловaInstitute of Archaeology RAS, Moscow, Russia

#e-mail: igor.strikalov@gmail.com

Keywords: hoard, jewellery, Old Ryazan.

The paper is a preliminary publication of a hoard of jewellery found in the vicinity of the fortified settlement of Old Ryazan in 2021. The article describes the items of the hoard, presents circumstances of its finding and characteristics of the site, provides a preliminary analysis of the hoard composition and its dating. Based on analogies, primarily from the hoard complexes found on the territory of Rus, the author concludes that the date of the Isady hoard concealment fits into the period of the late 11th – the first half of the 12th century. A preliminary analysis of technological and stylistic devices testifies to the uniqueness of the Isady hoard among synchronous finds, which is proved by a wide variety of objects representing samples of almost all known techniques and styles of the time of its concealment.