Evgeny V. Zakharova, #, Svyatoslav V. Smirnovb, ##

a The State Historical Museum, Moscow, Russia
b Institute of World History RAS, Moscow, Russia

#E-mail: zakharov.evg@gmail.com
##E-mail: smirnovSv3@yandex.ru

Keywords: Seleucids, numismatics, coins, Northern Black Sea region, Thrace, Transcaucasia, monetary circulation.

The paper provides an overview of the finds of Seleucid coins derived from the territory of the ancient states of the Northern Black Sea region. Despite the fact that about twenty Seleucid coins that came from the region have been recorded in historiography, only four bronzes were discovered during the excavations of Olbia, Tauric Chersonesos, and cities of the Cimmerian Bosporus – Panticapaeum and Myrmekion, while the provenance of the remaining items is doubtful. A comparison with the finds of Seleucid coins from the neighbouring regions of Thrace and Transcaucasia made it possible to address at a new level both the role of these coins in the monetary circulation of the Northern Black Sea region and the issue of direct contacts between that region and the possessions of the Seleucid kings.

DOI: 10.31857/S0869606322010202