Viktor S. Aksenova,#

a M.F. Sumtsov Kharkiv Historical Museum, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Keywords: the early Middle Ages, “antiquities of the Antes”, blacksmith tools, jewelry, matrices, fibulae, Slavs.

The work introduces into scientific circulation a complex of objects found near the Khorosheve fortified settlement located on the right high bank of the Uda River (a right tributary of the Siverskyi Donets) on the territory of the modern Khorosheve township in Kharkiv District, Kharkiv Region. The main parts of the complex are tools of a blacksmith artisan and bronze raw materials with the total weight of 0.387 kg, including plates from a bronze cauldron and fragments of large bronze phaleras from horse harness belts. The complex also included an iron crossguard of a broadsword, a fragment of a chape from a blade weapon scabbard, an armor-piercing spearhead, and an iron hook for pulling out large fish. The following objects made of nonferrous metals are associated with jewelry production: a cast starlike earring of the Pastyrskoye type; two defective compound anthropozoomorphic fibulae of type II.2; a blank-template for cutting the flaps of twoplated fibulae of type II I.1; and a matrix for manufacturing belt lugs. The latter group of items makes it possible to determine the time of existence of the entire hoard as the late 7th–first half of the 8th century. The concealment of the complex should be dated by the 840s–850s, which was due to movements of the Slavic population as a result of arriving the Saltov culture bearers in the Don Region.

DOI: 10.31857/S0869606322010226