Evgenia G. Pankratovaa, #, Nikolay Yu. Smirnovb, ##

a St. Petersburg Branch of the Archive of the RAS, St. Petersburg, Russia
b Institute for the History of Material Culture RAS, St. Petersburg, Russia

#E-mail: pankratova0484@yandex.ru
##E-mail: kolaksais@yandex.ru

Keywords: archival materials, GAIMK, history of research institutions, history of Soviet archaeology, political repression, A.A. Zhdanov, V.F. Zybkovets.

A denunciation addressed to A.A. Zhdanov by a former postgraduate student of the State Academy for the History of Material Culture (GAIMK) V.F. Zybkovets accused the entire Academy’s management and a significant part of the research staff of “treason”. This document found in the Central State Archive of the Historical and Political Records is extremely important for understanding the events that unfolded around and inside the GAIMK in the mid-1930s. It could well be the case that the statement of V.F. Zybkovets became the starting point of political repressions against the staff of the Academy resulting in conviction and execution of almost entire management of the institution. A number of employees were exiled to the camps, and the GAIMK lost its independent status and was included in the framework of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

DOI: 10.31857/S0869606322010160