Archaeological map of Russia in the first post-war decades (1944–1964): Main trends in the spatial nationwide distribution of archaeological sites
V. Zelentsova, D. S. Korobov, A. N. Voroshilov

New data on the interaction of the Krotovo and Andronovo (Fedorovo) Bronze Age cultures in the Baraba forest-steppe
I. Molodin, L. S. Kobeleva

New discoveries of the Don expedition of the IA RAS on the Middle Don in 2021
I. Gulyaev, S. A. Volodin, A. A. Shevchenko

On the origin of the later hand-made pottery forms of the Russian north-west
V. Lopatin

Two-piece clasps in the Srostki culture
A. Tishkin, V. V. Gorbunov

Anvils of Jurchen blacksmiths (based on materials from fortified settlements in Primorye)
V. Makievsky

Gold pendant with enamel from Novgorod: Comprehensive analytical research
Р. G. Gaidukov, O. M. Oleynikov, I. E. Zaytseva, E. S. Kovalenko, M. M. Murashev, M. Podurets, A. V. Mandrykina, E. S. Vaschenkova, A. G. Kulikov, V. M. Retivov, Yu. Tereschenko, E. B. Yatsishina

Enameled medallion of the gold pendant from Veliky Navogorod
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Church of St. Nicetas the Martyr on Shvivaya Gorka: the history of the site based on restoration materials of the 1950s
L. Batalov


The final Paleolithic site of Smolensk
N. Ershov, A. L. Aleksandrovskiy, N. A. Krenke, A. V. Panin, S. N. Chaukin, V. A. Chaukina

New data on the Borovitsky Hill in the Moscow Kremlin in the Iron Age (pottery evidence)
A. Lopatina, V. Yu. Koval

Early burial complexes of the Ust-Alma necropolis (based on the 2019 research)
A. Trufanov, Yu. P. Zaytsev

Burial of the Migration Period with traces of violent death from Northern Altai
N. Seregin, M. A. Demin, S. S. Matrenin, S. S. Tur


To the 80th anniversary of Vitaly Egorovich Medvedev
P. Derevyanko, V. I. Molodin

To the 75th anniversary of Viktor Stepanovich Solovyov
The staff of the Department of History and Historical and Cultural Heritage at Bunin Elets State University

To the 60th anniversary of D. O. Osipov
A. Zavoykin, V. Yu. Koval, D. S. Korobov, A. N. Medved

Valery Ivanovich Gulyaev (1938–2022)
S. A. Volodin, D. S. Korobov, A. A. Shevchenko, L. A. Belyaev, N. A. Makarov