Мимоход_рис.4Roman A. Mimokhoda#

aInstitute of Archaeology RAS, Moscow, Russia

#E-mail: mimokhod@gmail.com

Keywords: the Nevinnomyssk culture, block of post-Catacomb cultural formations, Lola cultural circle, the Lola culture, the Dnieper-Don Babino culture, local variant, periodization, chronology.

The article presents characteristics of a new cultural formation in the Western and Southern Ciscaucasia of the post-Catacomb period – the Nevinnomyssk culture represented by burial sites. Burials were made in pits and occasionally in niche graves, the skeletons are arranged in a crouched adorative position, the skulls are oriented mainly to the east and southeast. The grave goods include ceramic ware, a metal tool complex, bone belt buckles and pendants, and a set of various ornaments. An analysis of the material made it possible to identify two local variants in the Nevinnomyssk culture: southeastern and northwestern. Materials of the first one show influences of the neighbouring Dnieper-Don Babino culture, while the second one demonstrates influence of the Lola culture. In its development, the Nevinnomyssk culture went through three stages within 2200–1800 CalBC. It is an integral part of the block of post-catacomb cultural formations and an important component of Lola cultural circle.

DOI: 10.31857/S0869606323020149, EDN: RGHVBG