Three types of industry in the Stone Age of Gobustan
H. A. Amirkhanov

Mineralogical and geochemical research on evidence of Alakul metal production at the Vorovskaya Yama mine (Southern Trans-Urals)
P. S. Ankusheva, M. N. Ankushev, I. A. Blinov, D. A. Artemyev, I. P. Alaeva

Radiocarbon chronology of the Pozdnyakovo culture: preliminary results
T. A. Maryenkina, R. A. Mimokhod, O. V. Zelentsova

Metal objects from excavations at the Joasaph site (Jericho) in a photograph of the 1880–1890s
L. A. Belyaev, L. A. Golofast

An individual of the Volintsevo period from Kurilovka: the first archaeogenetic data
T. V. Andreeva, A. B. Malyarchuk, V. E. Rodinkova, A. D. Soshkina, E V. Rozhdestvenskikh, M. V. Dobrovolskaya, E. I. Rogaev

The right-bank Tsimlyansk fortress of the Khazar Kaganate based on the 2006–2021 excavations
V. S. Flerov

Horn spoons of the 10th–11th centuries with geometric interlaced ornament from excavations in Novgorod (based on the materials of the Nerevsky and Troitsky excavations)
A. M. Grinev, N. N. Tochilova

Stratigraphy of the cultural layer of the Moscow Kremlin: new data from the 2019–2021 excavations
V. Yu. Koval, R. N. Modin, N. A. Makarov

Technological features of smithery products from Moscow settlements of the 14th–15th centuries
V. I. Zavyalov, N. N. Terekhova

“Five Crosses” near Kolomna: a rare 17th-century memorial complex
A. B. Mazurov

Game birds in the economy of the population of Berezov (based on the results of archaeozoological analysis)
T. V. Lobanova, O. P. Bachura, N. V. Martynovich, G. P. Vizgalov, I. V. Slesarenko


Hoard of jewellery and horse gear of the 5th–4th centuries BC from Bryansk Region
E. V. Stolyarov, O. A. Radiush

A warrior’s burial of the Bulan-Koby culture at the Koksa burial ground (materials of excavations by S.I. Rudenko in Altai)
V. V. Gorbunov, A. A. Tishkin

Glass objects of the Rus period from Vshchizh (based on the 2014–2015 works in the posad and outer town)
E. K. Stolyarova, V. V. Minenko


Оn the origin of Novgorod. 862–1136 – princely town of Rurikids
V. A. Burov


The fate of the State Academy for the History of Material Culture at the turning point: an undispatched letter of F.V. Kiparisov to S.M. Kirov
E. G. Zastrozhnova (Pankratova), M. V. Medvedeva


To the 90th anniversary of Svetlana Viktorovna Oshibkina
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To the 75th anniversary of Vladimir Andronovich Burov
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To the 60th anniversary of Alexey Alekseevich Tishkin
P. K. Dashkovsky, A. L. Kungurov, N. N. Seregin