СтоляровEvgeny V. Stolyarov a,#, Oleg A. Radiush b,##

а Kulikovo Field State Museum-Reserve, Tula, Russia
b Institute of Archaeology RAS, Moscow, Russia

#E-mail: stolarov_e@mail.ru
##E-mail: radjush@mail.ru

Keywords: hoard, bracelets, items of horse gear, Bryansk Region, early Iron Age

The paper discusses a hoard of the Early Iron Age from the territory of Bryansk Region. The hoard includes iron cheek-pieces, a brow band, bronze bridle plaques, as well as bracelets – smooth cast and hollow cast ones made using the technique of lost wax investment casting. Objects were placed in a crude handmade pot. The unique complex dating back to the 5th–4th centuries BC was found in the area of the Yukhnovo archaeological culture. The completeness of the analyzed hoard and the circumstances of its finding have direct analogies among the hoards originating from the southern coast of the Baltic Sea. It is possible that the hollow bracelets from the hoard are an imitation of samples found on the territory of Polish Pomerania and adjacent regions.

DOI: 10.31857/S0869606323020174, EDN: RGTDEY