To the anniversary of Academician A.P. Derevjanko
Molodin V.I., Shun’kov M.V.

The dating of the site at Repin Khutor and the chronology of related cultural materials from the East European steppe zone of the Early Bronze Age
Kuznetsov P.F.

The older age group in Sargat culture burials
Berseneva N.A.

New Jerusalem Monastery as an Archaeological Site

The Voskresensky (Resurrection) New Jerusalem monastery as an archaeological site from the early modern period
Beliaev L.A.

Architectural and archaeological stratigraphy and structure of New Jerusalem monastery wall
Kapitonova M.A.

The foundations of the Resurrection cathedral in New Jerusalem monastery
Voronova O.A.

The archaeological complex of the Old wooden palace and the Stone chambers in New Jerusalem monastery
Badeev D.Yu., Rusakov P.E., Mayorova E.V.

Ceramic tiles from the occupation layer at New Jerusalem planigraphy, statistics and attribution
Glazunova O.N.


Burials at the Koysug kurgan cemetery in the northern province of the Maikop-Novosvobodnaya community
Yatsenko V.S.

Bronze Age cult site at Lake Shaitanskoye near Yekaterinburg (based on the materials from the 2009–2010 excavations)
Korochkova O.N., Stefanov V.I.

New syncretic cemetery on the western flank of the Andronovo community
Tkachev V.V., Umrikhin S.M., Bytkovsky O.F.

Dyakovo-type Kruglitsa site on the river Moskva
Krenke N.A., Chaukin S.N.

Medieval assemblage from Koksharovsky Kholm (Middle Trans-Urals)
Shorin A.F., Zykov A.P., Vilisov E.V.

Christian antiquities from Rostislavl Ryazansky (from the 1991–2010 excavations)
Ostapenko A.A.

Attribution of leather items (materials from excavations in Veliky Novgorod and Moscow)
Osipov D.O.

“Ostyak checks” from Poluysky (Obdorsky) Gorodok (16th–17th cc.)
Kardash O.V.

History of Science

Outstanding researcher of Eurasian archaeology
Munchaev R.M.


The technology of microblade production at Kostenki XI site (occupation layer 1a)
Rodionov A.M.

An Esski find (stone zoomorphic image from the taiga Ob’-Irtysh region)
Morozov V.M. , Stefanov V.I., Chenchenkova O.P.

New data on radiocarbon dating of Late Eneolithic sites in the Middle Kama region
Lychagina E.L.

Chernyakhov culture burial on the river Don
Kamenetsky I.S.

Finds of bird eggshell from Mayachny Bugor medieval cemetery
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